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Deccan RubyConf 2016

6th Aug. 2016 Conference at Hyatt Regency Pune
7th Aug. 2016 Workshops

A Single-Track Conference + Workshops


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6th August - Conference talks

TBA Hyatt Regency

7th August - Workshops

Architecture Matters! A Trailblazer workshop by
Nick Sutterer
10 AM to 4 PM Venue TBA
Trailblazer adds new abstraction layers to Rails. It introduces operations, form objects, policies and, of course, more. Why this is a good thing, and how additional abstractions help to master complex web applications you will learn in this full-day workshop.
Automate your Infrastructure with Chef by
Mohit Thatte, Sahil Muthoo
10 AM to 4 PM Venue TBA
This workshop will be a gentle introduction to the concepts of infrastructure automation with Chef. We will work on writing as much code as we can, so that attendees can get comfortable with the practical aspects of using Chef. The goal at the end of the workshop would be to be able to deploy a Rails app to AWS using your own Chef recipes and community cookbooks.


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