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Garbage collector in Ruby, why should I care ? by Aboobacker MK

Ruby is designed for programmer’s happiness. The primary aim of the ruby is to make developers productive without worrying about the machine level things like memory management.But having a high level understanding about what is happening inside memory management will help us to write better code

The World Full of Idiots by Ajey Gore

The guiding principles become rules in 2 generations, you forget why do you do something, I hate the way people see others when they don't use appropriate tools and community turns you off in terms of not being that acceptable, this happened with me very early on around tests and why testing it important, this talk talks about what clicked and hopefully it will do that for you as well

In a HTTP/2 World by Douglas Vaz

With the onset of HTTP/2 adoption, we need to rethink conventional views of servers and clients. Binary protocols and features like server push open up a whole new aspect of how we can design services and web apps on a modern software stack by taking advantage of new standards.

Using databases to pull your application weight by Harisankar P S

Most application in the world deals with the manipulation and presentation of data. So speed of an application depends on how fast we work with data. My talk is about leveraging the hidden powers of a database to make Rails, the swiss army knife of web development, manipulate and present data faster

Sanity on Rails — How to write maintainable Rails applications in 2017 by Michael Kohl

Rails is not your application! Don’t overcomplicate your development life by trying to make everything fit within its MVC structure. A framework provides tools and abstractions, use them to build your business logic, don’t force your business logic to fit into them.

Give REST a rest, use GraphQL for your next Ruby API by Shaiju E

GraphQL is a query language for APIs. While typical REST APIs require loading from multiple URLs, GraphQL APIs get all the data your app needs in a single request which makes Apps using GraphQL can be quick and stable. So my talk would be about implementing GraphQL API in a Ruby application.

To Active record and beyond by Shaunak Pagnis

Active Record is the mother-of-all patterns when it comes to ORMs. But there are new kids(read ORMs) on the block, and they promise elegance, immutability and a separation of concerns. In this talk, we’ll shed light on these techniques and discuss a different approach to mapping data.

Reinvesting in Ruby by Tim Riley

As our community matures, and technology evolves around us, how can we ensure Ruby remains vital?


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